CT Colonography

In 22 states reimbursement is the law!

Whether called CT Colonography (CTC) or Virtual Colonoscopy (VC), the importance of this cancer-screening tool is being recognized by a growing number of state legislatures. Some of the nation's largest and most forward-thinking insurance carriers have accepted its value as well. And under conditions, such as failed optical colonoscopy, diagnostic CTC is reimbursable under Medicare in almost every state.

The reasons are clear. Research has demonstrated the efficacy of this minimally-invasive procedure in identifying clinically significant, precancerous polyps. It takes only a few minutes in a CT scanner, requires no sedation, there is no recovery time, and patients are able to resume their daily activities immediately.

You may be a radiologist or gastroenterologist who already performs or plans to begin performing CTC. Perhaps you're a physician interested in making CTC available to your patients. Or may just be someone who is concerned about colorectal cancer prevention. Whatever the case, this website will provide you with valuable information on the status of reimbursement and how it can affect you.